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Happy Birthday Sue!

Some round number birthdays seem to invite reflection. For many people, they are milestones – a time to take stock, look back at what life has held, enjoy accomplishments and relationships. Laugh at some of the silliness, appreciate the joys, and gloss over the challenges, without entirely forgetting them.

And so it is with that spirit that we launch – to wish Sue a happy 50th and to acknowledge our love and appreciation of her as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

The thing is, Sue is not really all that big on milestones. She’s so involved in life everyday that, for the most part, one day is as rich as the next. Each is equally important because each offers the opportunity to enjoy time spent with family and friends, to do work that’s still fun and exciting and maybe to have a new adventure. (Initial planning of a 50th birthday event, started by the husband about two years ago, proves this point. First idea, a sumptuous dinner for 20-30 of the people closest to her, was nixed when it became impossible to narrow down the list. Second idea was a giant party, which was likewise kyboshed because it would be impossible to spend quality time with everyone. She finally settled on a small family get-away.)

There’s no real attempt to capture the totality of Sue here. (Oh, there might have been at one point but it quickly became apparent that there are too many facets to her life to do that while maintaining gainful employment.) On this site you’ll find really just an outline of some of the people, events, moments and things that are or have been important. Fun and laughter are very important to her, so we’re focused on that.

And there are certainly errors and important omissions, none of which are intentional. Please let me know of any you find and I’ll have them corrected. There’s also just about limitless capacity to add additional material, either by adding your comments, stories or wishes to the guest book, or by contacting Geoff at if you want to add something more elaborate. (Incriminating photos and video clips are always welcome.)

One other important note: there is a birthday gift hidden somewhere on this site, or rather, a link to a birthday gift, or rather, a link to a selection from which Sue can choose her birthday gift.

So honey, we love you and Happy Birthday!

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