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1. Karaoke is king. If you can belt out a tune, you can do anything. Sue took me to Furosato when I was young and showed me how it was done. Now I can't go to the beer store without grabbing the mic and singing "I Will Survive."

2. Don't ever get a perm.

3. Always have equal amounts of tomato and ham. If you don't the world could feasibly end.

4. Telethons last a LONG time.

5. Convertibles make you look younger and sexier.

6. I'll still look good at 50.

7. When asked for ID at a bar at the age of 29, blush and be gracious, but don't rat out your 17-year-old sister who didn't get asked.

8. Take opportunities when you can, make opportunities when you can't.

9. Learn to strum some chords on the guitar, then you provide your own music, lead vocals and backup.

10. That during the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, your feet will itch until you can't stand it anymore, and then the baby comes out.

Thanks for all the lessons, Sue. I left some out, it being a family thing and all. Have the happiest of birthdays and you have 12 years to work on something for me.

Love, Tina

Sean has the Brophey Ham Gene, July 2004


Kaitlyn, July 2004


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