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Traveling Brophey Class

Sue is willing to sit on the
pilot's lap if it means saving a
buck, so sometimes even if it

Sue is a fabulous one-and-only Producer and what I truly love about Sue is that her eye is always on the budget!!

As we all know, one can travel first class, business class, economy class or one can “sit on the wing” but with Sue we always traveled “BROPHEY CLASS”. It would be the inexpensive, cheap, economical, discounted, low-cost, sale price, bargain basement, reduced option! Sue has also been known to be tightfisted, miserly and stingy BUT here is a photo capturing a moment of wonderment when Sue and I traveled to Los Angeles in superior class - the cockpit of an Air Canada jet! A moment to remember!

“Brophey Class” is always the best class!

Love, Barb

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