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I first met Sue Brophey, or 'Brophage' as I like to call her, about 6 years ago on Open Mike with Mike Bullard. She actually interviewed me for a job as "Unit Publicist" - something I had never done before in my life. I remember thinking to myself: "You can pull this off...just act cool, like you know what you are talking's in the bag..." Little did I know that Sue Brophey would be one of the people interviewing me. I had no clue that she was a "Nancy Drew" wanna-be of sorts. You can't get anything past that crazy blonde, curly haired women in the glasses! To make a long story short, after a intense cross-examination from this insane lady she quickly got to the point that I had no publicity experience. She made me admit it in the interview and then she hired me anyway! I guess she liked me. I was terrified...but I dug her...she had balls and I respected that. The "Nancy Drew" term is a little something that we came up with later, us office gals witnessed people fall like flies when they tried to put a fast one past Brophage, from the taxi chit scam to charging too much on invoices, you just don't mess with her. You see, Brophage has this overwhelming need to get the truth, nobody can fool's actually one of things that I love most about her...
We had a lot laughs on that show and have had a lot of laughs since. A few days into my stint at Open Mike I remember thinking to myself: "This Sue is my kind of chick." Well it turned out that I was right, I fell in love with Brophage immediately. She became a great boss, a confident, someone I could turn to when things weren't great on the show and of course more then anything, a friend. Since that first meeting I have laughed, cried, danced, karokeed, played dress-up, sought advice, partied and practically peed my pants with Brophage. It has been the beginning of a great friendship, one I know that will blossom for years and years.
There is something else that I must say about Sue. It is important. For me she has been a woman to look up to. Someone that I am proud to call a friend and someone that I would like to be a little more like. Sue seems to balance family, work & friends. She never gets to tied up in her life or her job to make room for the people that she loves. I admire that completely. I am about to have a baby in January and I often think to myself..."If I can be a little like Sue then it is all going to be o.k. She has it all and so can I."
From getting stuck in a snow-bank and watching her flag down a random salt truck for assistance to dancing with me at my wedding she has been consistently lovely and true. I love you my sweet Brophage. Happy 50th...I mean 40th!

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