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Young Drivers of Dominica, 2000



Smooth Sailing, 1995

“The most important thing about driving is to know the size of your vehicle.”


Goose It, 1993

“So then if they won’t let you in when you’re changing lanes you just stick your finger out like this …”


You Won’t Keep This Thing Long, 1993

Impulse buy.


“I’ll drive.”, 1997

Cruising up the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible. Doesn’t get much better than this.


From Brenda Brenda Burroughs:

Now anyone who knows Broph knows of her love of cars and photo shoots. Here she combines both of these loves…


Note the multi-tasking going on here of all Broph’s favourite things… talking on the phone, showcasing her latest car and posing once again for a photo shoot… she’s in her glory!



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