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“Joey was a dog. He was a good dog.”

The saddest dog in the world.


(Left to Right) Janet, Kathy Brian (circa 1960)

In front of Marge and Ernie's house in Pointe Claire


(Left to Right) Derek, Elliot, Kyle and Brian



(Left to Right) Front: Tasha, Jackie, Danielle
Rear: Mickey, Tanya, Brian, Janet, Kathy, Ernie, and Scott


Who are these people? early 1960's

All the kids.


Gradation, mid 1960's

Well ordered children.


Randy The Wonderdog

Beloved Randy, chasing fish.


Dejeuner en famille, late 1970's

The mom always ends up taking the pictures and is never in them.


James Bond and family, late 1970's

It’s hard to say who looks more embarrassed to be with whom.


Back When They Sold Glasses by the Square Yard and All babies had Mohawks


    The Mystery of The Missing Tooth, by Marge and Ernie

    What My Big Sister Taught Me, by Tina Brophey

    Do you remember ... Dock spiders and Froodle in the Sugar Bowl, By Jean Brophey

    From Aunt Leonie Across The Pond, by Aunt Leonie

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