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Sue and Brenda -- Lots of hunks and hair care products over 40 years

 Read Brenda's Story:  The Many Lives -- and Spanish Class Loves -- of Sue Brophey, by Brenda Burroughs

  The Case of the Missing Cab Chit, by Laura MacDonald

  This Someone Called Broph, by Eugene Levy

  Blondes In The Bleachers, or The High Speed Friendship, by Deb Divine

  You've Never Looked Better, by Kim Brouwer

  Grammar Refresher For the 50-year-old Mind, by Steve Brinder and Loren Mawhinney

  Willowdale Gals Won't you Come Out Tonight, by Kim Dewar

  My Good Man, by Ditch Dickinson

  Mini-B's Story: She Ain't No Dr. Evil, by Jeni Besworth

  The Open House Between Sue's Ears, by Ron James

  Second Star on The Right, And Straight On 'Til Morning, by Bernie and Barbara Orenstein

  Fine Dining in Toronto for Less Than $10 a Day, by Cheryl Orr

  Another Saturday Night And I Ain't Got My Hubby, by June James

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