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HYPERBOLE: Exaggeration for effect

Example: Even as far away as Indonesia they know of the legend SUE BROPHEY, THE KARAOKE QUEEN. No open microphone is safe when she is around.

"Here's another tune you'll like, whether you like it or not ...That sounds very interesting sir, but you're boring and I feel another song coming on".

ANTONYM: A word that means the opposite of another word.

Examples: Hot -Cold
Win - Lose
Open - Close
Empty - Full
Sue - Shy

ALLITERATION: Repetition of the same first sounds in a group of words

Example: small size sexy Sue sings songs so successfully she should sound so soft, so sweet; such stupid suggestions, she sings sonically, slightly suggestive, she's so ...Sue.

PUNCTUATION MARKS AND CAPITAL LETTERS: To better understand the meaning of a written work

Example: everyone should have a sue brophey in their life her positive spirit her verve for life makes life more exciting her energy is contagious i first met sue when we worked together on just kidding i had such a good time with her we got along because we were both nuts she was also a great dance partner she even married a guy she knew i would like our friendship has grown over the years and i feel very lucky having sue in our life


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