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Sue Dancing

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“Lloyd! Got a mo’!”, 1998

One of several gold medal performances by Sue at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. Given enough time, she can find a hot mic and backup band in any town in the world.


Queen of the World, Early 80's

Beautiful, smart, stylish and in command,
whether on Skid Row (or in this case
Squid Row) or at the Brazilian Ball.


Statuesque? You Bet!, 1998

Ok, if it’s for a picture I’ll pose that way.


Surfer dude, where are you going?, 2002

In a rare case in which Sue’s charms failed to stop a man dead in his tracks, surfer dude walks past the divinely supine Sue. Turns out there was a gay Surf’s Up Competition just up the beach.


They’ll never forget me

Mistress of all that she surveys, whether
they be beasts of the forests, oceans or
jungles, Sue knows when sharing the
limelight is a good idea.


Too Sexy For My Shirt, mid 1970's

What the hell is she smirking about?



Hurry up, this is killing my back! mid 1970's

We’re not sure what the artist
intended to portray here, but
she’s cute and we buy it.


Pillar of the Community, mid 1970's

Elegant and dead sexy at the same time.


Ben Mulroney appears on the "Sue Brophey Variety Show", 2004


Have you ever seen
a more wet face?


"I was really grateful that Sue let me appear on her show."

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