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Sue Brophey-Warm-up Icon

As the first season of Canadian Idol was reaching its dramatic conclusion, our then 16-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn asked me if I knew anyone who would be able to get tickets to see the show live.

"I'll call my friend Brophey " I replied.

"Who's Brophey?" Kaitlyn asked.

Sally interjected (as usual), "She's one of the women Daddy has dinner with periodically, one of the 'girls'."

I explained that I'd known Sue Brophey since our days together at CFTO-TV where we became fast friends based on our mutual desire to get out of the place as fast as we could. After procrastinating for four years Sue finally left. Early in her freelance career, one of Sue's jobs was to serve as the audience warm-up for The Tommy Hunter Show, receiving rave reviews from all who witnessed her performance.

I had never had the pleasure of seeing Sue in front of a television audience and knowing that she was warming up the Idol audiences, I made it clear to Kaitlyn that Dad would be tagging along to Canadian Idol. Brophey is not only the senior producer on the show, but also the warm up act for the hundreds of Idol fans in the audience. I could not miss the opportunity to see Sue perform live in what might be one of her last appearances as a "Warm Up Icon".

With tickets in hand (thanks to Sue), off we went to the John Bassett theatre. Shortly after being seated, the lights dimmed, and out on stage appeared this blonde bombshell, dressed in a skintight black leather pantsuit, waving a clipboard about as she began to pump up the audience.

I leaned over to Kaitlyn and whispered: "That's Brophey".

"That's Brophey?" Kaitlyn replied. "Boy... she's HOT".

"You know, she's going to be 50 years old next year" I said.

"You've got to be kidding," said Kaitlyn.

All this is to say, that Kaitlyn's right. Brophey, you are Hot, you look young, you think young and you've been a great friend for almost thirty years.

Best wishes from Patrick, Sally, Kaitlyn, and Christopher

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