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Do You Remember??

  • Mom scotch taping our bangs to our foreheads so they would dry straight?
  • How you were always the banker in monopoly (which you always won?)
  • Our matching stiff orange vinyl minidresses for expo '67 that mom made from leftover upholstery vinyl from the kitchen chairs and bench?
  • The shadflies swarming on the backdoor screen and having to go in and out the door really fast while screaming?
  • Playing cards like "crazy eights," "double solitaire" and the very exciting "electricity"?
  • Our dog "Froodle" peeing in the sugarbowl?
  • Doing jigsaw puzzles at the cottage?
  • Watching men land on the moon at the cottage? Stepping on rusty nails, DOCK SPIDERS!!,The chart you made beside your bed of all of the small animals sweetie killed at the cottage? (including the nice old man's trained chipmunk from up the hill)
  • Going to Aunt Betty's and watching their huge colour console TV and eating delicious Bugles and drinking wink? Aunt Betty, the originator of "chocolate thing"

    I believe..

  • Taking the commuter train downtown with mom maybe to meet dad and go to nana's or something and then dad driving us all back at night and there's that highway where all the neon signs are : la belle fermiere, continental can,...
  • Those big family things with all the aunts, uncles, cousins and g'lernies, chips and cheesies, little glass bottles of coke, chocolate cake with fudge icing, the firepit in the backyard, guitars, bongo drums, singing owimoway.
  • Huge moths or spiders in our bedrooms causing mass panic usually ending with mom smashing it with her bare hand which was a different kind of horror itself.

    There actually could be an entire webpage devoted to sue brophey spider stories by the way.

Television Trivia:

Did you know that i was sue's first television remote? Yes upon the request "Jean, be a dear?" i would get up off the colonial chesterfield and stand at the TV and turn the dial, without blocking the picture of course, while sue channel surfed. " you fix it, it's fuzzy?..okay forget it go back to Mike Douglas then I thought the Mod Squad was on. Do you feel like a glass of milk and some chocolate chip cookies? Good then can you bring me some too?" Being the oldest has it's benefits i guess..

Anyway thats okay you had to learn how to drive from Dad! At least when I got to learn it was from you which as you know makes two perfect drivers in the entire world and everyone else is stupid.

the Sue Brophey fleet: i may have forgotten some..

  • brown maverick
  • red volvo
  • white-ish volkswagen beetle
  • green mgb
  • white camaro
  • silver sable
  • black Vigor
  • black acura
  • gray mercedes
  • black volvo station wagon

    Thats only 9 cars i must have forgotten a couple!

Here's to another 50 years of fossil fuel availability!
Happy Birthday love, Jean!

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