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Fifty years ago, on October 20, 1954, the thundering applause that greeted Mary Martin’s opening night performance in “Peter Pan” sent reverberating audio waves in all directions from Broadway.

One of those waves reached Canada on the 21st, (it was delayed at customs) and the resulting vibrations sent women across the country into labor…pregnant or not.

The result was the birth of thousands of boys and girls…mostly undistinguishable from one and other… who kept singing “I’m Flying” well into their adult years.

Little Sue was one of those perpetual children who, without the use of any traceable drugs, can still be seen flying on most weekends and holidays, including both the Canadian and America Thanksgiving, Ash Wednesday and Yom Kippur..

Never come down to earth, Sue…we love you just the way you are.


Happiest of Birthdays and much love,

Bernie and Barbara Orenstein

Like Peter Pan, Sue has a lot of experience with lost boys


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