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Happy birthday Sue! from Auntie Marge and Uncle Glernie, Brian, Janet and Kathy. Seeing your home in Beaconsfield brought back so many memories of the wonderful times we had together, Sunday night suppers eating macaroni and cheese and singing together with guitars and your Mom playing the piano at Christmas time. One of the most memorable events that affected me for many years was the time I looked after you while your Mom and Dad were on a holiday. You were 2 years old and Brian was 18 months and I was pregnant with Janet. We went next door to visit Mrs. Doubt and you fell down the basement stairs. When we picked you up you were covered with blood and missing one front tooth. I was horrified and felt guilty everytime I looked at you, an adorable little blond girl with a big gap in her mouth. You have no idea how happy I was after seven years when your second tooth grew in and you became the beautiful girl (woman) you are today. All the best with love.

Marge and Ernie

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Black Eyed Susans, mid 1960's


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