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Sue On Mike Bullard, 1998

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The Rockin'est Woman In Canadian Television

From a start on the switchboard at City-TV, Sue has become one of Canada's most feared and respected television producers, with credits too numerous to mention. But not content to ride out her career in quiet dignity, over the last two years she has branched out into the world we affectionately refer to as "audience fluffing." She has such a powerful stage presence in this capacity, whipping the audience into such a state of emotional tumescence, that we're sure if she were to tell the audience to leap fro the balcony ... well, the staff at the Bassett Theatre would have a big cleanup job.


Gemini Award Winning Insight Gang, 1998

Sue, John, Barb, Al and Laura.



Gemini Victory Dance, 1998

"Sue has a knack for knowing
how to express herself.....

Have a very Happy birthday!"

from Linda and Tony Padalino

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